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Balance Theory

Change is Required

"Compounding cybersecurity issues, along with the ever-growing regulatory landscape and continued gaps in resources, knowledge, and talent will outpace cybersecurity." - McKinsey

Increasing threats

Increasing threats

Exponential increase in threats require a collaborative response.

Implementation gaps

Implementation gaps

Gaps in knowledge and resources are compounded by cybersecurity information silos.

Wasted resources

Wasted resources

Time and money is wasted due to disjointed decision making and high friction response workflows.

Balance Theory

Why Balance Theory

Security Collaboration

Where it matters

Manage collaboration & reporting security with redaction, classification, and views via granular internal, invite only, and public sharing controls.

  • Collaborate with media, code, and more
  • Granular permissions and team management
  • Modern workspace collaboration features
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Community Connections

that build results

Organize and securely distribute content to make information accessible and explainable to any audience.

  • Connect with industry-specific professionals
  • Build a trusted collaboration network
  • Manage your team, create groups, and more
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Knowledge Management

to build your resiliency

Easily create, store, manage, integrate and recover all your security artifacts on one central platform used across teams.

  • Explore community templates or create your own
  • Integrate with existing technologies
  • Reuse knowledge to quickly respond
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Product Features

Why Users Love Us

Give your security toolkit a lift with Balance Theory.

Security & Community

Balance Theory provides the knowledge infrastructure and collaboration center for the cybersecurity community.

Take your cyber security to a higher level with Balance Theory.

Share in the success of a networked community to build better cybersecurity outcomes and drive true industry change.

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